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Home Furniture

house furniture

Enjoy a completely new living experience enriched by elegance, beauty and comfort through our wide range of modern and classic furniture and accessories from the world’s best sources.

Bathroom cabinet

Bathroom cabinet

Our bathroom cabinets regulate the purpose of a large and consistent We have everything from shelves to wall cabinets, shapes fit your choice and bathroom units of all sizes and sizes fit all markets

Office Furniture

Office Furniture

Enhance your workplace with high quality solutions that meet the requirements of a modern business environment.

furniture BEST SELLERS

We offer you what you need according to the space of your home and office Taking into account colors and general decoration

Recent Products

We are basco Vanity Factory, specialized in wood works such as bathroom cabinets and furniture
(bedrooms – smart wardrobes – hotel rooms – kitchens – engineering projects – decorations – tables – table legs) according to your request and sizes that you want
we can manufacture wooden supplies to all over the world
we peovide you the finest furniture which is carefully selected from the best types of wood to suit all markets and identify the service of our customers to ship their goods you are more than welcomed in our factory

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